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  1. knock

    • IPA[nɒk]



    • vt.
      碰撞;knock into
    • vi.
    • n.
    • 過去式:knocked 過去分詞:knocked 現在分詞:knocking

    • 名詞複數:knocks

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 片語


    • 1. 碰撞 to knock one's head/arm on sth. 把頭/胳膊碰到某物上 to knock the egg against the side of the bowl 在碗沿上把雞蛋磕開
    • 2. knock into
    • 3. 敲打; 扼殺; 打破 to knock sth. on the head 阻止…實施 to knock sb.'s suggestion on the head 對某人的建議橫加指責
    • 4. 打昏 to knock sb. unconscious or cold or senseless 打昏某人
    • 5. 敲動; 碰落 to knock sb./sth. to the ground/floor 把某人/某物撞倒在地 to knock sb./sth. flying/overboard 把某人/某物擊飛/打下船
    • 6. to knock a hole/dent in sth. 在某物上鑿出一個洞/撞出一個凹痕 to knock two rooms into one 把兩間房打通
    • 7. 打擊 to knock some sense/politeness into sb. 迫使某人變得理智些/學得禮貌些 to knock sth. off/out of sb./sth. 迫使某人/某事物停止某事物
    • 8. 批評 she's always knocking the way I look 她總是對我的外表評頭論足 to knock modern art 對現代藝術橫加指責


    • 1. to knock on or at sth. 敲
    • 2. 發出碰撞聲
    • 3. 突突響
    • 4. 打顫; 怦怦跳


    • 1. 敲擊聲 a knock at or on sth. 敲在…上的聲音 to give sb. a knock 敲門叫醒某人
    • 2. 碰撞 to get a knock on the head 撞了一下頭 to give the ball quite a knock 用力擊球
    • 3. 打擊 to take the knocks 承受打擊 it gave his confidence a knock 這件事打擊了他的信心


    1. strike a surface noisily to attract attention, especially when waiting to be let in through a door

    2. collide with (someone or something), giving them a hard blow

    3. injure or damage by striking

    4. talk disparagingly about; criticize

    5. a sudden short sound caused by a blow, especially on a door to attract attention or gain entry

    6. a continual thumping or rattling sound made by an engine

    7. a blow or collision

    8. a discouraging experience; a setback

    9. a critical comment


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