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  1. knock off

    • vt.
      打落; 撞倒;碰掉
    • vi.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 打落; 撞倒 the blow knocked her glasses off 這一拳把她的眼鏡打掉了
    • 2. 碰掉
    • 3. 減去 she wouldn't knock anything off (the price) 她一點也不肯降價 they knock off 10% if you pay cash 若你付現金,他們就會給予10%的優惠
    • 4. 匆匆完成 on a good day she can knock off 5,000 words 她靈感突現的時候一天能寫5,000字 a poem I knocked off 我草草寫成的一首詩
    • 5. 偷走 to knock off some pens from the office 從辦公室順走幾支鋼筆
    • 6. 謀殺 he had his wife knocked off 他僱凶殺妻 to get knocked off in the final act 在最後一幕中被殺了
    • 7. 與…上床 he knocked off the bridesmaid 他和女儐相上了床


    • 1. 收工