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  1. knock sb. off

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    • 1. 【俚】謀殺某人 One of the guys got knocked off a week ago. 一週之前, 這些傢伙中有一個被幹掉了。
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    • 士別三日的英文說法

      ...1. one has made/gained great progress in a short time that knocked the socks off sb. 2. one has become more powerful or successful in a short time that knocked...

    • 英文諺語翻譯和造句 急需!!

      ...several days, which explains why she knocks the spots off everyone else. 8.In the doghouse. doghouse 故... has been in the doghouse with sb 並不是說他真的去住狗窩了, 而是指他惹了...