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  1. knock someone back

    • ph.
      reject or discourage a person or their request or suggestion;cost someone a specified, typically large, amount of money
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    • 誰能告訴我這些英文片語的意思...(要英文解釋)20+

      ...9. back seat driver: a passenger in the back seat who gives unwanted ...advice to the driver 10. order around: to give someone orders in an annoying... me nuts. 15. knock some sense into someone: try to persuade someone...

    • 請幫我改正英文句子錯誤

      ...7.When the old man started to walk back to his hut, the sun had already ... writing my composition last night, someone knocked on the door. 9.I'm very glad that you...

    • 以使役/感官動詞合併句子

      ... the patient stay in bed for a week. 4. Denny heard someone knocking on the door before he went to bed. 5.Jenny felt someone touching her back. 6. She looked at the clown walking on his hands...