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  1. knock someone out

    • ph.
      make a person unconscious, typically with a blow to the head
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    • 'knock out' 的解釋﹖

      ...up in British English means to wake someone up, to get someone out of bed, or to warm up in tennis.Knock up in American English means to impregnate someone... ...

    • 想[問the wind out of me的中文意思

      ...於無形。拜福拜福! 另外,語文運用,字詞使用重點何在,見仁見智。在這裡,knock the wind out of someone ,我詮釋為強調讓人暫時失去反擊能力,而不在強調擊打時造成的痛苦。所以...

    • 請問「隨便挑」的英文怎麼說?20點

      ...039;s Advanced Learner's Dictionary: 美語中 用knock yourself out表示"您請便" (used to tell someone to go ahead and do something) 它的例句: (在健身房) Man A: Do...