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  1. knock-down-drag-out


    • n.
      a free-for-all fight
    • noun: knock-down-drag-out, plural noun: knock-down-drag-outs

    • 釋義


    • 1. informal a free-for-all fight knock-down-drag-out fights
  2. 知識+

    • To explan two section please.

      ...2. why to use had just come? 因為表示 he had just come from a knock-down, drag-out ruckus.這件事是發生在 Sen. John Kerry (D-...

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      ...knight 騎士, 武士 knit 〔用毛線和兩根編織針〕編織, 針織 knob 球形把手; 旋鈕 knock-down-drag-out 【美】激烈的; 不惜一切手段的 knock-on 引起連鎖反應 knock 敲門[窗] knockout...

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      ... on the shore would have noticed me. Yet, the waves knocked me down without mercy and I was about to be drown. When I ...