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  1. know different (or otherwise)

    • ph.
      be aware of information or evidence to the contrary
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    • 幫我修改我的英文作文

      ... suggestions or criticism. I knew that my reactions were usually bad.... My parents are very different from me. They usually handled...

    • Why here is very different

      ...12-11 19:11:50 補充: There are many kind of answers in different areas. So there are no good or bad between them. ...

    • 請幫我翻譯一些課文句子(英翻中)

      ...常做一些危險動作),例如: 跳高樓、跳山、中槍或是身上著火等等。 2.Stunt actors have to know different punches and kicks for stunt fighting. If they receive a punch or a kick,they have to make...