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  1. know how many beans make five

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      be sensible and intelligent
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    • 英文有關食物的慣用語

      ...我毫不知情 I don't care beans about it. 我一點兒也不在乎 know how many beans make five 知道顯而易見的事 在 19 世紀時, 有種說法說笨的人笨到 "不知道多少...

    • 英文慣用語~~急用

      ...旺盛 I do not care beans about the news.我對新聞毫不在乎 I know how many beans make five.我是個非常聰明機警的人 his bread and butter他的謀生之道 take the bread...

    • 英文文章翻譯 英翻中(急) fact, many people do not know is actually green onion...breakfast, late night snack or many people will eat instant to maintain good health, five low price roots meat, dairy, eggs, beans, sugar, salt and oil, everyone...