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  1. kudos

    • KK[ˋkjudɑs]
    • DJ[ˋkju:dɔs]


    • n.
    • 更多解釋
    • IPA[ˈkjuːdɒs]



    • n.
      榮譽; 讚揚; 聲望
  2. 知識+

    • 請問Kudos to all of you是什麼意思?

      版大您好: Kudos means:good job, 所以是說,你們都做得很好的意思。 2011-08-18 15...irregular transliteration of Greek kŷdos from: 2011-08-18 15:50:22 補充: Usage note In the 19th century, kudos 1...

    • 有想像力的英文高手可以幫忙一下嗎?????

      ... by.  =go to Get back to someone. =contact someone later Kudos. =good job One man/woman show. 獨角戲 Take the bull by the horns...

    • 翻譯這篇SPAR文章

      ...effective when students already have background information about the topic. So, in Kudos class, the teacher will demonstrate by writing a topic on the board, have an interactive...