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    labor in vain

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    • 「英文」是否可以幫我中翻英,要快唷〃

      ...on the whole many pains again if can't let the person approve, is labor in vain", so don't consider as what hard, wanting the own dream is perfect...

    • 這首英文詩的翻譯(20點)

      在,支持以雄偉山綠色, 在那裡站舊的木製房子。 在夜晚唱歌缺陷熱心的音樂; 甜的故事被唱但不是告訴。 豐富的花紅和白色, 去院子的一條meand ring 道路, 夜晚的在月光的甜香, mem ry 一罐頭ne er拋棄。 4 score n 10 年你住並且苦干。 為愛自由和未試過, 透過看見...

    • 急~英文自我介紹請大家幫幫我~

      ...leran to work with intelligence, not only with labor. That is to say, we have to do things in a smart way instead of in a industrious They will feel that they make a vain attempt to come to you. It’s...