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    labour force

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    • 修改英文作文

      ... these immigrants,England would not have enough working labor force,such as, the agriculture, packaging andbutchery industry. In order to promote...

    • 英文翻成中文(要句子翻譯&單字的意思)

      1。Lack of a labor force will cripple the economy of the country. 缺乏勞動力將會癱瘓掉一個國家的經濟...

    • 跪求經濟英文一小段的翻譯!

      ...down to the 2-3 per cent rate of productivity increase with about 2.5 per cent of the labor force unemployed. 貨幣工資增長率會限制在 2-3%,與生產力增長率相當, 勞工失業率在...