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    • 語言學裡的motivation

      motivation (noun) 1. enthusiasm for doing something: eg. He's a bright enough student - he just lacks motivation. eg. There seems to be a lack of motivation among the staff. 2. the need or reason for doing something: eg. What...

    • 英文片語 造句不需要翻譯幫幫(1)--贈25

      ...18. They look up to their English teacher. 19. Her enthusiasm makes up for her lack of experience. 20. A sailor is at the mercy of the weather. 21. I...

    • 請教lack的用法?

      ... he fails it won't be for/through lack of effort.如果他失敗了, 那不會是因為他缺乏努力...lacking (形容所缺乏的東西)缺乏的; 不足的:Enthusiasm has been sadly lacking these...