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    • 無光澤的;無神的
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    • lackluster enforcement 意思

      >lackluster enforcement 是因為「因草率立的法,無法有效執行」的意思嗎? Lackluster = lack + luster = 沒有實質(的) (adj, noun) Lackluster enforcement = 敷衍草率表面的執行. 置於是不是因為法律品質的缺失,就要從上下文...

    • 問 英文好的人

      ...gloomy, murky, obscure, obscured, pitch-black, pitch-dark, somber, dull, dulled, lackluster; shadowy, shady; gray, leaden, pale 地方 The place is dark...

    • 請幫忙翻這一句{他申請博士班…}贈送二十點。謝謝!

      ...再度四處碰壁。When he applied to a PhD program, his lackluster performance in graduate school again put him in a jam. In(to) a jam: in...