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    • 乳糖
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    • 英文專有名詞

      ...on the inside of the lips, the base of the gums, or under the tongue. lactose intolerance (乳糖不耐症): It is a common disorder found in many...

    • Compatibility 希望有人幫忙翻譯

      ...個藥粉包重300毫克 9包=2700毫克(至少要有2700毫克) The amount of lactose needed is: 2700 mg-378 mg = 2322 mg lactose 所需的乳糖總量是 2700...

    • 幾個英文文章的問題

      Q1 想請問這裡 lactose intolerant 有什麼特殊的意思嗎? ANS: lactose intolerant是乳糖不耐症...