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  1. lamplight

    • KK[ˋlæmp͵laɪt]
    • DJ[ˋlæmplait]


    • n.
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    • 燈光


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    • in which...

      ...the lampligh was very gentle. 2007-12-15 17:16:32 補充: 改正: lampligh ==> lamplight While stepping into the coffee shop in which I found the...

    • 中英情詩高手快來幫我忙

      Intended When the lamplight of the Sun First touched the dark And rolling...

    • (翻譯)驀然回首那人卻在燈火闌珊處?

      Suddenly looking back, I found her smiling in the waning lamplight. 或是 Looking back all of a suddent, I saw her in the faint lamplight smiling gladly.