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  1. languish for


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    • 1. 苦思 He languished for home. 他苦苦地思念家鄉。
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    • 西洋歷史 6句

      ...古老的時代隨著都市國家的出現和文字與知識的回歸而開始 2. After languishing in obscurity for nearly four centuries during the Dark Age, Greek...

    • 英文翻譯,請幫我翻成中文

      ...故鄉, 8. Ga., cover college tuition costs for sons Giuseppe, 2, and Gianluca...the couple's savings, some $62,000, is languishing in a money 這對夫妻出現了一個問題那就是大多數夫妻...

    • 看不懂一首英文詩

      ...poor,sufferer,gay rejoice at last; Let everybody stand with his wine glass for drinking from Commanding for health; Let revolution succeed to night...