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    a large amount of

    • ph.
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    • large amount of的用法

      A large amount of / large amounts of 後,一律都是用單數不可數名詞!若是放在主詞位置...):As fossil fuels are burned on Earth, large amounts of carbon dioxide (主詞單數) is released (動詞:因為二氧化碳是被...

    • 一句造句→ large amounts of ?

      I have a large amount of money in the bank.

    • 這一句的第二個should 怎麼解釋?

      ...know the function for each of these words: a, too, large, amount; then you shall have no trouble to understand why it shall... correct. If you want to use "a too large amount", you shall omit "a" as "too large amount...