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  1. larger

    • large的形容詞、副詞比較級
    • 相關詞
    • adj.
    • I want a large box; this is too small. 我要一個大盒子;這個太小了。
    • adv.
    • Do not write so large. 不要把字寫得這麼大。
    • n.
    • large的形容詞、副詞最高級

    • adj.
    • a large country 幅員遼闊的國家

      a large horse 高頭大馬

    • adj
      在逃的; 未被捕獲
    • to be/remain at large 在逃
    • 大的,大量的,寬大的,廣博的大大地,誇大地大

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    • 最大的

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    • ph. (為感人)誇大的

    • The hero appears as a larger-than-life character. 男主角的表現是高於生活實際。

    • adj. 比真實狀況還要傳奇的;意義非凡的

    • The heroes we see in propaganda films are usually larger-than-life. 我們在宣傳影片中看到的英雄通常都比真人還要傳奇。

    • ph. (指罪犯、動物等)自由的, 未關管的, 未縛住的

    • The escaped prisoner is still at large. 越獄犯依然在逃。

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    • large minority 放在一起的用法

      ... "minority" means "少數群". When you place "large" in front of "minority", it will indicate the "size". That...

    • 英翻中,(流)larger

      larger是通常都是更大的意思 thicker是更厚 你可以說this book is thicker than the other one...意思 奇摩字典有很多thicker的解釋 larger的解釋在這

    • by and large vs. at large need to know where these phrases came from: "by and large" is mariner lingo, where "large" refers to " the sentence you have, it is better to choose "by and large".