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  1. last orders

    • ph.
      (in a bar or pub) said to inform customers that closing time is approaching and that any further drinks should be bought immediately
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    • 對國外貿易信中翻英

      Last order has arrived and we received it at the end of Oct...with the X product. If this is ok (for you), we will continue the order in the future. We are not going to place the order this year because...

    • 請幫我翻譯成英文 ! 不用翻譯軟體唷! 謝謝

      Dear Sir, Last order took only seven days on delivery. It was pretty efficient...

    • 請教我一些基本英文對話,謝謝

      1. The last order is at 9 o'clock (我們最後點餐時間是晚上9點) Would you like anything else? (你需要加點甚麼嗎?) 2. Hi. Would you like to order beer? 100 dollar per person all you can drink! 3. Thank you, all together 100...