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    • 生管作業~幫翻譯

      22.Creating a preliminary design for a new product is part of the last stage of the feasibility study. 替新產品做初步的設計是可行性研究最後步驟的一部份...

    • 地質學五句,請幫忙英翻中。

      ... are common when an ocean basin initially opens, and in its last stages of closure. 通常在海灣初期開口,還有在末期閉口時這種不尋常的沈積情形都是...

    • 請問 epithelisation 這個單字翻成中文的意思?

      ... chinese translation is 表皮移行再生 This is the last stage for the 4 stages of wound healing process: 一、發炎期...