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  1. last thing

    • ph.
      late in the evening, especially as a final act before going to bed
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    • The last thing he wants is to~

      The last thing he wants is to 最後一件他想做的事 = 他最不想做的就是....

    • 一句簡單的英文翻譯問題

      the last thing that i wanna hear不是"最後一件我想聽到的事"嗎?這樣想有錯媽@@? I'm so afraid that you're saying it's over, the last thing that I wanna hear. (我極害怕你在說這(我們的愛)已完了-最後一件我...

    • 幾句英文口語小問題

      1) the last thing i want to do is__________" 這...有沒有 to 都可以。例如: The last thing I want to do is hurt ...39;ve never thought of such a thing. It never occurred to ...