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    • late on night ??

      指深夜時應用介系詞at: late at night 指持定日期的晚上時才用介系詞on,並用定冠詞the: late on the night of July 10 =七月十日的深夜

    • 請教這句英文的文法

      ... only one topic in each message makes relevant e-mail easier to find later on. later on: 隨後;稍後;後來。 是一個片語, 多一個 on, 比較有持續的...

    • 請用英文寫出來

      I usually sleep late on the weekend. 我假日時通常都睡得很晚 After I woke stay at home, 有時候我會想要待在家裡 and I will just lying on the sofa watch TV or movies. 我會躺在沙發上看電視或電影 ...