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  1. lateral pass


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    • 英翻中~急(產科英文期刊)20點

      ...the patient comfortably either on her back or in left lateral postinion with her head resting on the couch.... 留意任何分泌物痕跡、潰瘍等異常狀況。 Pass the speculum gently into the vagina, in a downwards...

    • 一段英文文章,看的出文法有錯麼,徵求英文強的

      ... about the gap in the code. The gap on lateral direction has no space, in other words... and impacts the shear key, and how much force passes from the shear key to columns, we decide to set...

    • football術語(英文)

      ...推進10碼,而每一個這的嘗試就是一個down。 拋傳(forward pass) 四分衛接到中鋒的發球後,將球往前傳給接球員。接球員...左右搖動,表示他不回攻,起攻點於20碼處。 側後傳(lateral) 持球員可以多次將球往後或平行的向後傳給隊友,就...