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    • 翻譯...想請外國朋友幫我買東西的翻譯

      1. 我想請你幫我在HMV買些東西Could you help buy something from HMV, please?2. 你方便嗎?Is that ok?3. 這些我好喜歡,但台灣卻買不到的I love those stuffs, but I couldn't find them in Taiwan.基本上這三句的順序可能要換一下吧3-1-2可能...

    • 請幫我校正英文自傳1-五點(十五點在第2篇)共20點

      ... have very extensive interests and always keep myself on top of the latest things. I believe in myself and know that anything is possible. I...

    • 什麼是in?

      ...表示限制、關聯 ) ) 《例句》 in one's sight 在視線(野)內 in sb's opinion the latest thing in cars 最新型的汽車 One in ten will pass. 每十人中有一人將...