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    • 起動;下水
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    • launched himself ...??

      ...of another tribe to a pit fight. Greasus killed him by simply launching himself gut-first onto his skull, which cracked the defendant...

    • launched to cross的意思??

      "launched to cross" 不能放在一起翻譯,在這個句子中 "launched" 是與之前的部分連貫在一起的:"a similar study be launched""cross validate" 於中文就是「交叉比對」或「交叉驗證」It...

    • Launch動詞用法問題?

      ...回答 其中第一點. A launch B: B才是實際被發行, 被下水, 被發動, 被升空的東西, 產品. 類似...