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  1. lay down

    • vt.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 把…放平 he laid the baby down on the settee 他把嬰兒平放在長椅上 to lay the blanket down on the floor 把毯子鋪在地板上
    • 2. 放下 he laid his racket down on the floor beside him 他把球拍放在身旁的地板上
    • 3. 放棄 to lay down one's arms 放下武器
    • 4. 鋪設; 鋪築 to lay down the foundations 打地基
    • 5. 制定; 確定 it is laid down in the constitution that the president must be elected by the people 憲法規定,總統必須由民選產生 to lay down the law 制定法律