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  1. lay hands on


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    • 1. 傷害 If you lay hands on me like that again, I'll kill you. 你要是再那麼傷害我,我就殺了你。
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    • 生物英文翻譯一下

      你好!請參考我的答案~ scientists have sought to lay hands on the mysterious chemicals with which an egg will reprogram a mature cell nucleus...

    • 英翻中*有關Google的2句英文~急需>”<

      ...only proving good at their mission to organize every bit of information they lay their hands on,but are doing it in style!Google員工對於整合組構資訊的使命...

    • HAND的用法

      ...HAND ON 扶 → to place a hand on something for support 攤牌 → to lay one's hand on the table HAND OVER 交出 → I've handed over...