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    • HAND的用法

      HAND OUT 分派 → to assign; to apportion; to allot...rarr; to relieve; to aid; to hand out alms HAND ON 扶 → to place a hand on something for support 攤牌 → to lay one's hand on the table HAND OVER...

    • 生物英文翻譯一下

      你好!請參考我的答案~ scientists have sought to lay hands on the mysterious chemicals with which an egg will reprogram a mature cell nucleus...

    • 有人可以幫我翻譯這個句子嗎

      ...依照題目要的意思:In your hands and those of your handslies + the future. 主詞:你手中的(你可以...躺臥、倚靠、視...決定,必須要有介詞 on/in/with (the future)。 所以,題意上...