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  1. lay something in

    • ph.
      build up a stock of something in case of need
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    • 這些句子的意思 這些是俚語

      ...環境, 如魚得水 be concerned about someone or something 關心擔憂某事/某人 lay something out 計畫/安排某事 in the middle of something 正在忙某事 工作進行到一半 keep a stiff upper lip 保持堅強...

    • 英語教學法audio文章~中翻英~急

      Something in common of Audio-lingual and 3P is all with teacher...central) ,But 3P teaching method teacher to set up at lay out system of textbook often, the teaching method of 3P...

    • 英文文法問題lay

      ...motionless on the sofa. "motionless" is an adjective. You can use "lie" as a linking verb to say that something is or remains in a particular state or condition. pattern: :~ linking verb + adjective (In this...