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  1. lay something on thick (or with a trowel)

    • ph.
      grossly exaggerate or overemphasize something
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    • You're laying it on too thick.

      ...事實了 有可能是過度吹捧,也有可能是過度貶低 端看上下文來決定其語意。 lay it on thick to talk about somebody/something in a way that makes them or it seem much better or much ...

    • 英語俚語翻譯12題不太了解意思

      ...因為談戀愛) 暈頭轉向 6.put someone on a pedestal 把某人當偶像來祟拜... room 喘息的空間 8.lay it on thick 誇張、拍馬屁 9.know where one...ring 打通電話給某人 12.get someone/something off one's mind 不再想某人或某...

    • 位置的介係詞區分

      ...07-26 13:10:49 補充: The above discussion also provides us with a somewhat altered perspective on the Susanna. As the above examples suggest, time is a reconstruction of the brain. 2011-07-26...