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  1. lay the cloth


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    • 1. 準備開席 Let's lay the cloth now. 咱們現在準備開席吧!
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    • 幫我翻譯成中文~

      ...用行為騙人 white lie a lie with a latchet=a lie (made) out of (the) whole cloth 說得天花亂墜的謊話 Give a lie twenty...在於;有(…關係) 《例句》 There lies the difficulty. 困難就在那裡 The choice lies...

    • [翻譯] 可以幫我翻譯這段文字到英文嗎? the dead end. 可惜 最後那紅色的衣裳是躺在運屍車上 Pitifully, the red cloth lies on the cart of bodies in the end. 主角的驚訝 表露出希望的破滅 The...

    • IF作品說明_中翻英 (請英文高手幫忙)

      ...the source material, are only frequently with the bag vacuum packing perhaps the cloth packed in bags, lies between Yu Suixing with at will, is unable to promote the intrinsic...