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    lay the foundation of

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    • 口譯 英翻中 求懂英國與美國歷史的譯者

      ...those events, which helped to shape this country's development and to lay the foundations of this great nation based on shared principles of equality, democracy...

    • 請問lay的用法及翻譯

      lay 是動詞,lay the foundation 是「打下基礎、奠定基礎」之意,不省略的話句意會比較清楚。 句子不完整,不清楚第二句的哪個部分需要替代。

    • 請求高手幫忙英文自傳翻成中文自傳

      ... to children. And I believe this two-year study will lay the foundation of my job profession, creating a competitive advantage for the future career development...