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    • 1. 損毀 They did not expect the invaders to lay waste to their civilization. 他們沒有料到侵略者會破壞他們的文明。
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    • 請教一段浪漫派詩人Wordsworth的英詩?

      ...營生(getting and spending~~營生) 人與自然失去了接觸的能力(lay waste our powers 「to feel the Nature」) 人對自然視而不見(無任何歸屬感) 人們放棄(遺失...

    • **幫忙翻譯英文一些句子...

      ...髮質較細:敏感型的人 An upward arc to your eyebrows:You'...眼白較多的人:理性的做決定 Ears that lay flat:You might waste money. 耳朵較貼:不擅理財 High ...

    • infectious industrial waste 翻譯

      ... and recycling industries must be implemented to prevent recyclable waste from entering the incinerator. 它建議 醫療單位和廢料回收產業必須提高教育...