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  1. laymen

    • layman的名詞複數
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    • [英文]我是大外行的英文

      1, layman -- I am a layman of xxxx 2, amatuer -- He is a amateur at...

    • 用外行人的眼光來看的英文寫法

      用外行人的眼光來看 in one's opinion as a layman from one's observation as an outsider/outlier in a layman's opinion from an outsider...12:33:53 補充: 用_____的眼光來看 如僅以layman一字為例, 有多種表達: from a layman's viewpoint from a layman's observation(s) from a layman's perspective in a...

    • 這句英文是什麼意思?Put to trial before

      ... his defense about as well as could be expected from a layman. G 在陪審團前面對審訊,他(為自己)進行辯護,能有多好 -- 大約就是...