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  1. lead

    • IPA[liːd]



    • vt.
      為…帶路; 牽領;走在…的前列
    • vi.
    • n.
    • modif.
    • 過去式:led 過去分詞:led 現在分詞:leading

    • 釋義
    • 片語


    • 1. 為…帶路; 牽領 I led the children across the road 我領孩子們過馬路 they led us into a trap 他們引我們進了圈套
    • 2. 走在…的前列
    • 3. 領導 to lead a discussion 主持討論 she led the Democrats to victory 她帶領民主黨人獲得了勝利
    • 4. 在…中領先; 領先於 she is leading her rival by 15 metres 她領先對手15米 to lead the field 處於領先地位
    • 5. 引…通往 this road led us to the station 我們沿這條路到了車站 this door should lead us into the library 我們從這扇門應該可以進入圖書館
    • 6. 引導 to lead the conversation away from religion 把談話從宗教話題上引開 this course of action could lead them to disaster 這種做法可能把他們引向災難
    • 7. 影響 what led you to this decision? 是甚麼讓你做出了這個決定? the house was smaller than I had been led to believe 那幢房子比我原以為的要小一些
    • 8. to lead a miserable/lazy life 過悲慘/懶散的生活
    • 9. 先出 he led the ace of clubs 他先出了一張梅花A
    • 10. 領舞


    • 1. 帶路 you lead, we'll follow 你領路,我們跟著
    • 2. 走在前列
    • 3. 領先 Germany are leading 2-0 德國隊2比0領先 he was leading by nine seconds 他領先9秒
    • 4. 通向 the track leads from the farm to the village 這條小路從農場通向村莊 this door leads into the garden 這道門通向花園
    • 5. 出擊 to lead with one's right 用右拳出擊
    • 6. 先出牌


    • 1. 前面的位置 in the lead 在前面
    • 2. 榜樣 to follow sb.'s lead 效仿某人 to give (sb.) a lead (為某人)樹立榜樣
    • 3. 領導 to take the lead (in doing sth.) 帶頭(做某事)
    • 4. 領先地位 to be in the lead 處於領先地位 to take the lead 領先
    • 5. 領先幅度 he increased his lead to 10 metres 他把領先距離拉大到了10米 he has a lead of 12 seconds over the former champion 他領先上屆冠軍12秒
    • 6. 線索 the police have a number of leads to follow 警方有很多條追查的線索
    • 7. 主角; 扮演主角的演員 to play/sing the lead 演/唱主角
    • 8. 頭條新聞
    • 9. 先出牌; 先出牌權; 先出的牌 it's Jane's lead 該簡先出牌
    • 10. 牽狗帶 dogs must be kept on a lead 狗必須牽住
    • 11. 電源線

    修飾詞 (modification)

    • 1. 主要的 she is their lead singer 她是他們的主唱
    • 2. 頭條的 a lead item/article 頭條新聞/文章