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  1. lead

    • IPA[led]



    • n.
    • modif.
      鉛製的; 含鉛的
    • 釋義
    • n.
    • 1. 鉛

      lead content 含鉛量

      to fill 向某人連續掃射

    • 2. 鉛筆芯
    • 3. 測深錘
    • modif.
      修飾詞 (modification)
    • 1. 鉛製的; 含鉛的

      a lead pipe 鉛管

      to go down like a lead balloon 毫無效果

  2. 知識+

    • lead的用法

      Pepole suffering from lead poisoning can be treated with medicine 全句翻譯為 - 因有鉛毒罐頭...就是"有鉛毒的". 2.lead poisoning這句是名詞嗎 lead在這又當蝦咪詞 lead poisoning(有鉛毒的)是形容詞, 形容那個 can...

    • Leading questions的使用

      ... at the old office on Fu Xing Leading - On July 9th, the day when the event ... financial products/ a good investment Leading - Did you buy their financial products...

    • lead in 的用法

      ...嗎 答:是的。 2.把盜壘引進到美國棒球聯盟 答:lead沒有引進的意思,應該用introduce,例如: He ...key=45129&dict=CALD 中文翻譯: 英文翻譯部份就是...