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    • 什麼是 lead the way

      馬總統說保護台灣海峽的和平以及朝向發展良好的兩岸關係是執政黨和反對黨的共同目標 lead the way在這裡有引導 帶路的意思 Ma 是指馬英九 不是 "媽"

    • 英文的演講稿~急20點~需要5分鐘的

      ...century. Why are they so successful? Why have they been leading the way? In my opinion, it’s all because they know themselves, explore ...

    • 關於女性主義不會翻譯

      The humanism fundamental to liberal and radical feminisms did not lead their proponents to call in question the way in which their beliefs and desires were ...