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    • 1. 通到 This road leads to the hotel. 這條路通到旅館。
    • 2. 導致 Smoking can lead to lung cancer. 抽菸可能導致肺癌。
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    • 英文單字填空-cause v.s lead

      The difference between "cause" and "lead to" is: "cause" is used...but the noise does). Hence, you use "lead to", not "cause" 2012-11-02 01:32:33 補充...

    • leading up to 如何翻譯,及翻譯這段英文

      lead up to something= to the period of time before something happens I guess we underestimated the amount of sales we would do leading up to the New Year,which is understandable considering that this...

    • all roads lead to sweet pea的中文

      All roads lead to sweet peas字面翻譯就是所有道路都能引導你到甜豆那兒 而事實上, 它跟條條大路通羅馬 (All roads lead to Rome)有異曲同工之妙 意思就是一件事有多種做法, 不要死板的堅持一種做法!!