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    • leading up to 如何翻譯,及翻譯這段英文

      lead up to something= to the period of time before something happens I guess we underestimated the amount of sales we would do leading up to the New Year,which is understandable considering that this...

    • 數個高中英文文法問題

      我不是高手,但盡力啦 1)lead up to 查了字點,是動詞片語  引進,或進行 二次大戰進行... hour hundreds of planes pass to sow bombs on our soil.我把over here和逗點...

    • 請問文法!!!!及詞性 急?

      ...主要動詞是suffered),後一句是complex sentence(主要子句+附屬子句)。 leading up to his death是修飾moments的「分詞片語」