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    lead with one's chin

    • ph.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 防守不嚴
    • 2. 輕率冒失
    • 3. 輕舉妄動
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    • 幫我把中文翻譯成英文... our healthy influence Sulphur dioxide: Poisonous spirit body Lead with the result that the asthma and bronchitis Oxidize the nitrogen: Poisonous...

    • lead的用法

      Pepole suffering from lead poisoning can be treated with medicine 全句翻譯為 - 因有鉛毒罐頭生病(受苦)的人給予藥物治療 1.lead ...

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      ...; But in entire Les Miserables's behind, the lead with him between the girl - Cosette each other's love which redeems...