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  1. leader

    • IPA[ˈlēdər]


    • n.
      the person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country;(in the UK) a member of the government officially responsible for initiating business in the House of Commons or House of Lords.
    • noun: leader, plural noun: leaders

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    • 請問Perceived Leader Support的翻譯

      版主您好~~ 您問道:「Perceived Leader Support的正確翻法,請問是『領導者...Leader Support 這邊Perceived Leader Support是什麼意思?請看哈佛商業學院...

    • Shaker leader?

      i m not sure but i check my dictionary shaker means---(宗教)震顫教派; 震顫教派教徒(以崇尚獨身主義為宗旨的美國基督教之一派) so.... shaker leader-----震顫教派的領導者

    • Leader-member exchange

      ...the initially hypothesized direction of causal effects. LMX: Leader-member exchange領導人成員的調換 這些發現就(透過不同的雇員需求和經理雇員...