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    • Leading questions的使用

      ...but I do.] 2011-03-20 01:54:38 補充: The problem is that leading does not need to come together with a question. Any behaviors, verbal or not, that are able to feed information...

    • 請問leading edge在航太領域的英文翻譯為何!?

      ...才被視為具有前緣的功能。另一個相關專業名詞:前緣渦流(leading-edge vortex) 參考資料:引用內容須註明回答者及本題網址:

    • 英文單字填空-cause v.s lead

      ...quot; is used when the result is directly from the situation. "lead to" is employed when the result is indirect. In your questioned sentence, the hearing loss is directly from the loud noise, so you use "...