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  1. leak

    • IPA[liːk]



    • n.
      裂縫; 漏洞;漏出物
    • vi.
      漏;滲漏; 洩漏
    • vt.
      漏;洩露; 透露
    • 過去式:leaked 過去分詞:leaked 現在分詞:leaking

    • 名詞複數:leaks

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 片語


    • 1. 裂縫; 漏洞 to plug or stop a leak 堵塞漏洞 to spring a leak 出現裂縫
    • 2. 漏出物 a gas/radiation leak 煤氣/輻射洩漏 to go for or take a leak 撒尿
    • 3. 洩露; 透露 the source of the leak 洩密者 I don't want any leaks 我不希望走漏任何風聲


    • 1. the roof leaks 屋頂漏了 the petrol tank is leaking 汽油箱在漏油
    • 2. 滲漏; 洩漏 to leak away 漏掉
    • 3. 洩露; 透露


    • 1. the tank has been leaking petrol 油箱一直在漏汽油
    • 2. 洩露; 透露 details of the project were leaked to the press 項目的細節被透露給了新聞界


    1. (of a container or covering) accidentally lose or admit contents, especially liquid or gas, through a hole or crack

    2. intentionally disclose (secret information)

    3. a hole in a container or covering through which contents may accidentally pass

    4. an instance of leaking

    5. an intentional disclosure of secret information