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  1. lean

    • KK[lin]
    • DJ[li:n]


    • adj.
    • n.
      瘦肉[the S]
    • 比較級:leaner 最高級:leanest

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. (肉)無脂肪的,精瘦的 Lean meat is healthier for you than fatty meat. 對你來說,瘦肉比肥肉更有利於健康。
    • 2. (人或動物)瘦的 A lean and hungry cat came to our door. 一隻飢餓的瘦貓走到我家門口。
    • 3. 貧瘠的;貧乏的;收益差的 It's been a lean year for business. 這是生意清淡的一年。
    • 4. 缺乏營養的


    • 1. 瘦肉[the S]


    a. 瘦的;不足的

  2. 知識+

    • lean and ever-eager ..??

      He keeps the Wolf Riders lean and ever-eager to mount up and ride off at a moment’s notice. 她把狼騎士養得身體...2012-03-06 19:16:06 補充: i think 90% of TW girls would agree that lean is fine but being physically strong is unfashionable.... Oh, dear...

    • 何謂Lean production system

      ... 生 產 革 新 系 統 正確的專有名詞為 Lean Production Innovation System;簡稱 LPIS 2006...

    • fairly lean應該怎麼翻譯比較好?

      A server begins its life as a fairly lean installation of windows 翻譯: 服務器開始 其生活相當精簡安裝的Windows fairly lean 相當精簡 意思:濃縮以後功能一樣不變