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  1. learn

    • IPA[ləːn]


    • v.
      gain or acquire knowledge of or skill in (something) by study, experience, or being taught;commit to memory
    • verb: learn, 3rd person present: learns, gerund or present participle: learning, past tense: learned, past participle: learned

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    • learn是動詞還是什麼?

      learn這個字是動詞用法,不過當其他字尾ex. learned, learning, learner與動詞結合後就會衍生出... work here. [+ to infinitive] I'm learning to play the piano. [+ question word + to infinitive...

    • what is virtual learning?

      1.virtual learning虛擬學習 透過網路,廣泛被使用在像語言學習,可以提供...一定是第二種語言。 2008-05-26 21:42:08 補充: 1.virtual learning A virtual learning environment (VLE) is...

    • Programmed Learning

      Programmed Learning稱做"程序化學習法", 是利用編序教材,使學生自動學習的一種方法...