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    • 幫我看文法錯誤

      ..., you could suggest that they use the tea bag as a fertilizer, "as " tea leaf "contains" high nitrogenous fertilizer and helps flowers grow brighter and "more beautiful".

    • 要順喔~專有名詞可以留著~英翻中~~

      ...照射間,對葉溫會有添加的效應(an additive effect),造成更嚴重的葉子灼傷(leaf scorch) 齊氏和透氏也注意到,受氯化鈉處理過的植物在乾燥重量(plant dry weight)下會有減少,和gs的減少頗為一致。 所以說,高濃度氯化鈉的有毒...

    • "熱帶雨林"英文的意思?

      ... high, but have some high reach 70 meters plant... full of climb plant and add generate plant, Teng...add generate plant exuberant long dry on at big tree. Because... at this again again, leave and branch then rot soon, therefore...