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  1. leave off


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    • 1. 停止 The rain left off at noon. 中午雨停了。
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    • 英文翻譯一句話:只要你肯相信~~ 送20點

      ...只是暫時停止成功。 As long as you believe in yourself, you will only leave off success instead of everlasting failure. As long as只要 (連接詞)連接詞引導的從屬...

    • [翻譯]5個英文句子

      ...should begin to work, I can not remember having the place that I stop (leave off ) of the religious service 3.Do you think that it is easy to distinguish...

    • 請問where, which怎麼分?

      ...掉落的地方撿起了故事書 This film begins where the other one leaves off. 這場電影在上一場電影結束的地方開始接著演