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  1. leave out

    • vt.
      忽略; 遺漏;沒有考慮
    • 釋義


    • 1. 忽略; 遺漏 she left out a word when she dictated the address 她口述地址時漏掉了一個詞 the results of the experiment were left out of the report 報告中沒提實驗結果
    • 2. 沒有考慮 to leave sth. out of one's calculations/the reckoning 沒有考慮某事物 leave it out! 行啦!
    • 3. 讓…留在室外 to leave the wet clothes out 把濕衣服晾在外面
    • 4. 不拿走 I left the milk and sugar out on the table 我把牛奶和糖留在桌子上
    • 5. 不包括 there are 25, not 24: I left Sarah out 有25個人,不是24個:我剛才沒算薩拉 you can leave me out of your quarrel 別把我拉入你們的爭吵中
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