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    • Some English questions

      ... need to use "speechless", because "left"... the pass tense of "leave", it is a causative...why you use "always leaves me speechless", not "always leaves...

    • 英文的問題啦!~我要詳解喔~~

      1.      every bite will---you speechless as the food melts on your tonguea leave b.cause c.let d.have 標準答案是aleave:keep / let stay or be 保留/讓…處於某種...

    • 英文句子20句翻譯(10點) 急

      ...will not last long. 這雨不會長期持續 3. In fall, leaves will turn yellow. 在秋天,葉子將轉動黃色 4. Good... bitter. 良藥苦口 5. He remained speechless. 他保持沈默 6. This report proved to...