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    • 請問 Take a leaf out of his book

      Take a leaf out of someone's book. 模仿別人成功的經驗 be like him/her or successful as he/she is. If you take a leaf out of someone's book, you behave like him/her because you will gain...

    • Annual Leave translation

      Both are incorrect. The better suggestion: I would like to have half day off every Friday in order to clear my annual leave.

    • 英翻中「leave the drink ...」

      把酒留著,我會帶錢來的。 I`ll take the money 我將會帶錢來;我之後會帶錢來 應該是 當時沒帶錢 人家不肯把酒賣給他的情況下 所說出來的話吧!